Carbon Credits Projects for GHG (Green House Gas) Mitigation

In today’s modern world the industry is facing severe power crunch. This has increased power cost for the industries in India and abroad. Global warming has given direction for green power so that green house gases (GHG) can be curbed at all levels in the world.

  • To meet the rise in demand in an efficient way people are again focusing on power from biogas.Mostly all natural organic wastes can give rise to biogas and power in turn.
  • One of the promising avenues in this field is animal and food waste anaerobic digestion and production of power in a combined heat and power (CHP) system. This concept is becoming very popular in dairies, companies with large canteen facility, poultry farms, animal farms, etc.
  • At Lars we provide tailor made solution for animal and food waste problems. Our solution makes minimal use of water for self sustaining system bringing down the running cost.
  • The digested slurry is very good source of green-fertilizer (biocompost). It has got assimilated nitrogen and phosphorus in readily available form for the plants without ill-effects of chemical fertilizers. Even digested slurry can be spread on the agricultural land without any treatment for better productivity of the crops.
  • Since this kind of project abates methane emission it can claims CDM or carbon credits benefits. Governments all across the globe are encouraging projects like power from animal and food wastes.