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With the stringent environmental norms, pollution abatement is becoming one of the major concerns for sugar mills. Conventional systems involving Physico-chemical treatment or two stage aerobic treatment is associated with very high operating cost. To overcome this, an innovative Lars Enviro Sugar Effluent Treatment Solution [LESETS] system with following salient features is developed by us.

Salient Features

  • Oleo–phillic Oil Skimmer for removal of oil and Greases.
  • No Chemical coagulation for removal of suspended solids.
  • Mixing Arrangement in Equalization Tank for better efficiency.
  • Anaerobic followed by Single stage Aeration system.
  • Central Driven Clarifier with Scrapper Mechanism.
  • Ideal Combination of best performing Anaerobic & Aerobic Treatment System.

Advantages of our LESETS System.

  • No chemicals are required for coagulation.
  • Chemical requirement for the complete treatment to the negligible extent.
  • Power requirement is almost 50 % of conventional Two Stage Aerobic System.
  • Operational Cost reduces by 70 % w. r. t. power & chemical.
  • 35 % Savings in Cost of Construction.
  • Small foot prints i.e. area requirement.
  • Sludge generation very low, sludge handling cost is minimum.
  • Generate Bio-gas which has a fuel value, also can generate power