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With the stringent environmental norms, pollution abatement is becoming one of the major concerns for Palm Oil manufacturing industries. The conventional mode of treatment involving Physico-chemical treatment followed by Aerobic Lagooning involves high running & operating cost covering large land area. Moreover achieving the Pollution Control Board norms was becoming a very tough task day by day. To overcome this, we have come up with state of an art innovative system Lars Enviro Palm Oil Mill ETP (LEPOME) system with following salient features


  • Oleo-phillic Belt Type Oil Skimmer & DAFF for effective removal of Oil & Grease
  • Mixing Arrangement in Equalization Tank for better efficiency
  • Primary Clarifier with scraper mechanism for efficient removal of suspended solids
  • Anaerobic Reactor LESAR with central & lateral agitators for handling organic load
  • Two Stage Aeration system
  • Ideal combination of best performing Anaerobic & Aerobic reactor
  • Sludge Management System for sludge handling



  • Sucessfully completion of Seven Palm Oil Plant ETP in Indonesia.