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LESBAR [Lars Enviro Sludge Blanket Anaerobic Reactor]:- 

  • It is the conventional and widely employed Biodigester for low and medium strength wastewaterIt is commonly known as UASB Reator.

  • It offers economical solution to wastewater treatment for various industries like sugar,brewery,dairy,food,confetionary,Pharmaceutical etc. 

  • Our specially designed GLSS [Gas Liquid Solid Separator] work efficiently to keep the granulated sludge inside for the designed load giving Biogas free of any solid entrainment.

  • We have  92 UASB [LESBAR]  installations to our credit in India and abroad including.

  1. Four LESBAR reactors for Four 25000 TCD Sugar factories in Turkey. 
  2. Three repeat orders from The Andhra Sugars Ltd., TANUKU.
  3. Five orders from SAB Miller across India.
  4. Seven order from Calrberg India Pvt. Ltd. across India.

Advantages : -

  • The most efficient reactor for medium strength wastewater treatment.

  • It can be built either circular or rectangular. Rectangular LESBAR facilitates common wall or modular construction.

  • It generates biogas which has fuel value and can be used in boiler or canteen.

  • This is an excellent replacement for existing power intensive aeration treatment resulting in power saving of almost 50 %.

  • It saves civil cost by almost 30% as it reduces tankage as compared to two stage aerobic process.

  • Attractive payback period of less than THREE years.

  • Equipped with vacuum and pressure safety system.

  • Low foot print area as compared to equivalent aeration system

  • Economical as construction is usually in RCC

  • Corrosion resistance by employing FRP and epoxy paints

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