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LETAR (Lars Enviro Thermophillic Anaerobic Reactor):-  

  • It is a result of our engineering skills put in towards our quest for the appropriate technology for the treatment of high strength waste having high temperatures.Tthermophillic process is much faster than mesophillic process (where reaction takes place at temperatures between 36 °C – 39 °C).

  • In  "LETAR’ process" which is a high rate process, anaerobic digestion takes place in the thermophillic range of temperature, i.e. 50 °C – 57 °C, conditions suitable for thermophillic bacteria.

  • This anaerobic baffled reactor treats undiluted wastewaters in a plug flow mode.
  • This is one of the most cost-effective custom-made solutions for strong wastes like distillery spentwash.


  • Faster reaction rate for shorter retention time.

  • Less footprint area.

  • No moving parts inside the reactor so less power consumption.

  • Continual Biogas generation and good bio-solids digestion.

  • Stability and resistance against process upset due to shock loads.

  • Reduced foaming.

  • Low capital cost.

  • Lower lifecycle cost due to less digester volume and high loading rate.

  • Economical for high temperature waste.

  • Saving in effluent Cooling Cost.

  • Shorter payback period.

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