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Submerged Media Aeration


In the Submerged Media Aeration system, digestion of organic matter shall take place by biological-aerobic process.
  • The bacteria responsible for digestion process are present in the form of fixed film.
  • Geometrically structured PVC media is provided for immobilization of bacteria.
  • The PVC media has a very large specific surface, which ensures enormous surface area for the immobilization of bacteria. 
  • The Submerged Media Aeration chamber is partially packed with structured media fill of PVC.
  • This specialty of the media lies in offering very large surface area at a void ratio of 95%. 
  • The surface area provided by media is around 95-105 m2 per m3.  
  • The entire media remains submerged in the reactor content.
  • The bacteria grow and reside on large surface area provided by media.
  • The bacteria developed on media surface takes upon organic content of wastewater to metabolize it and produce biomass.
  • Aeration in SAF shall be done by twin lobe blowers. Air shall be provided through fine bubble diffusers to provide desired oxygen to microorganisms.

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