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The Solid Bowl Centrifuge used in the system is manufactured by Humboltdt Wedag in India.

The centrifuge has co-current design which offers additional advantages such as low PE consuption, low RPM, drier cakes, cleaner centrate and better conveyability of cakes.

The centrifuge consists of cylindrical bowl having tapering end and conveyer screw. Both bowl and screw rotate in the same direction but at diffrent speed. The slurry is fed from one end of the bowl.

Poly-electrolytes are dosed along with raw or thickened sludge into the inlet of centrifuge through sludge feed pump.

Solid particles or floccs being heavier than liquid, get seperated under strong centrifugal force inside the bowl and are pressed against its walls. These seperated solids are conveyed towards solid outlet by conveyer screw.

The tapering end of the bowl ensures that the cake is in moisture content.

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