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LESMAT ( Fixed Film Reactor)

LESMAT[Lars Enviro Structured Media Anaerobic Tank]:- 

  • It is an attached growth media reactor. commonly known as SMAT Reactor.

  • Structured PVC media houses the large number of bacterial colonies in small volume.This enables LESMAT to give better performance at smaller HRT.

  • LESMAT can handle very high COD upto 160000 mg/L without any dilution.

  • We have 46 installations of LESMAT to our credit. 

  • Many of these are operating for more than 10 years.


Advantages :

  • Small foot prints.

  • Self sustaining bio-system needs no chemicals to maintain.

  • Equipped with structured media with flute opening of above 50 mm thus avoiding the danger of clogging.

  • Safely designed economical and inbuilt biogas holder. No separate gas holder is required.

  • Rugged system with ‘Fill it and Forget it’ kind of ease of operation

  • Quick start-up to the tune of only 48 hours even after long shut down.

  • No moving parts inside the digester.

  • It operates in completely mixed regime hence no danger of short circuiting.

  • Well established technical knowhow.

  • Equipped with pressure and vacuum safety devices.

  • Offers well mixed flow pattern over attached biolayer.

  • Operates in mesophilic range hence no external supplementation of steam is required.

  • Resistant to thermal and organic load shocks.

  • Attractive payback period of approx. not more than 3 years.

  • Existing tanks can be revamped into LESMAT.

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