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LESAR [Lars Enviro Stirred Anerobic Reactor]: -

  • It is modified version of conventional Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor [CSTR]  and often termed as contact reactor or suspended growth reactor.

  • It offers economical solution to wastewater treatment for various industries like distilleries, Gelatin, Starch manufacturing, etc.

  • We have 57 full scale CSTR [LESAR]  in India and abroad to our credit.

Advantages: -

  • Ease of operation

  • Long Hydraulic retention time to ensure near complete biodegradation

  • High methane content in biogas thus optimizes gas handling.

  • Economical solution with payback of less than 3 years

  • Assures complete homogenization of the biochemical reaction mixture with application of well oriented set of agitators.

  • Self sustaining bio-system needs no chemicals to maintain.

  • Operates in mesophilic range hence no external supplementation of steam is required.

  • Can handle higher inlet TSS.

  • Effective design to assure best hydrodynamics.

  • It operates in completely mixed regime hence no danger of short circuiting.

  • Equipped with pressure and vacuum safety devices.

  • Floating foundation to counter settlement

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